Pigeon Nipple Shield Size 3 Ll


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Pigeon Nipple Shield Size 3 Ll

Specially designed to cater to larger nipple sizes, this innovative nipple shield provides a seamless and secure latch for both mother and baby, fostering a more natural feeding experience. Crafted from soft, BPA-free silicone, it ensures a gentle and nurturing touch while safeguarding sensitive nipples from friction and soreness. Its ergonomic shape and precision engineering guarantee an ideal fit, promoting successful breastfeeding while minimizing discomfort. The Pigeon Nipple Shield Size 3 LL is a must-have accessory for nursing mothers seeking enhanced support and reassurance on their breastfeeding journey, ensuring a cherished and stress-free bonding time with their little ones. Embrace the joy of breastfeeding with confidence and ease, thanks to the Pigeon Nipple Shield Size 3 LL.





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