Nailfix Anti-Fungal 15ml


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Nailfix Anti-Fungal 15ml

Nail Fix presents a potent and efficacious blend, meticulously crafted using natural components that actively aid in eradicating and addressing fungal infections at their origin. Indications of this condition include the nail taking on a yellowish hue, thickening, and emitting an unpleasant odor.

Ingredients encompass: Extracts of wormwood, clove, thuja, guajava, blood root, chaparral, propolis, tansy, and poke root. Furthermore, a fusion of essential oils, including clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree, are employed. This formula, devoid of harsh chemicals, assures both safety and efficacy devoid of adverse reactions. Nail Fix emerges as a dual-action natural solution, combating fungal overgrowth, itchiness, and bacterial concerns, while simultaneously enhancing nail growth and addressing discoloration, cracks, and peeling.

Purposefully designed, Nail Fix wields the strength of its natural constituents, focusing on uprooting and treating fungal infections at their core. Frequently, the nail may detach or become disjointed from the nail bed, accompanied by the emergence of white marks. Left untreated, the infection could potentially extend to adjacent nails and even the surrounding skin. Should you suspect a nail fungus, immediate intervention using Nail Fix is highly recommended.





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