My First Period Bundle (With Pads)


My First Period Bundle (With Pads)

Introducing the Zoie Health “My First Period Bundle (With Pads)”—a thoughtful and essential package designed to support young individuals as they embark on the journey of womanhood. This bundle is carefully crafted to provide comfort, confidence, and reliable protection during those significant first experiences.

My First Period Bundle includes a selection of high-quality pads, ensuring easy and discreet protection for active days. Our pads are designed for comfort and reliability, making them an ideal choice for young individuals as they navigate their first periods.

Zoie Health’s “My First Period Bundle (With Pads)” is more than just a product; it’s a supportive and informative resource for young individuals entering this transformative phase of life. Our aim is to ensure a positive and empowering experience, enabling them to embrace their journey into womanhood with confidence and grace.


  • Pads → Kotex Ultra Thin Young Wings Designer
  • Feminine Wipes → Betadine Intimate Feminine Wipes
  • Period Pain Patch → Deep Heat Period Pain Patch
  • Hot Water Bottle → Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle
  • Pocket Hand Sanitisers → Dettol Hand Sanitiser
  • Snack Sugarlean Milk Chocolate Balls


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