Virtual Lactation Consultation


Our virtual consultations are done via Zoom. Please be advised that our Care Experience Co-ordinator will be in contact with you to arrange a date and time for your appointment. If there is a specific date and time you would like please add it in the comments below so we can confirm availability. *Same day consultations are not available.

Please let us know if there is a specific date and time you would like or if there is anything you would like the Dr to know beforehand.

Virtual Lactation Consultation

Zoie Health’s Virtual Lactation Consultation service is a comprehensive, convenient solution for new and expecting mothers facing breastfeeding challenges. This service connects you with certified lactation consultants via video calls, allowing you to receive expert breastfeeding guidance from the comfort of your home. It offers flexible scheduling, to fit your busy lifestyle. Each session is personalized to address specific issues like latching difficulties or milk supply concerns, and you’ll receive a customized care plan along with follow-up support for continued assistance.

Additionally, clients have access to a variety of educational resources to enhance their breastfeeding experience. This service is ideal for new mothers seeking practical advice, expectant mothers preparing for breastfeeding, and anyone needing accessible and flexible lactation support. With our Virtual Lactation Consultation, expert help is just a video call away, offering privacy, convenience, and peace of mind to make your breastfeeding journey successful and stress-free.


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