Contraception Consultation Cash Only


Our virtual consultations are done via Zoom and our telephonic consultations via the number provided on the order. Please be advised that our Care Experience Co-ordinator will be in contact with you to arrange a date and time for your appointment. If there is a specific date and time you would like please add it in the comments below so we can confirm availability. *Same day consultations are not available.

Contraception Consultation Cash Only

Book a quick virtual or telephonic consult with a healthcare practitioner on the best contraceptive for your needs and receive a prescription.


Please let us know if there is a specific date and time you would like or if there is anything you would like the Dr to know beforehand.

Contraception Consultation Cash Only

 This service is designed to provide convenience, privacy, and personalised care for individuals seeking contraception solutions. 


  • Quick and Convenient Consultations: Users can enjoy rapid contraceptive consultations with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their home. The service is accessible online, simplifying the journey to obtain contraceptive advice and prescriptions.
  • Personalized Care: Every consultation is customized, ensuring recommendations for contraceptive options are aligned with the individual’s health, lifestyle, and preferences. This bespoke approach aids in making informed decisions about contraception.
  • Discreet and Fast Delivery: Post-consultation, any prescribed medication is dispatched swiftly, discreetly, and at an affordable price, emphasizing the user’s convenience and privacy.
  • Diverse Contraceptive Options: A wide array of contraceptive methods is available, accommodating a range of preferences and health requirements, ensuring everyone finds a suitable option.


  • Accessibility: The digital platform eliminates traditional barriers to accessing contraceptive consultations, streamlining the process for easier access to necessary care.
  • Privacy: Zoie Health places a high priority on user privacy with discreet consultations and delivery services, safeguarding confidentiality.
  • Efficiency: Designed for time-saving, the service allows for rapid consultations and the prompt delivery of contraceptives directly to the user’s location.
  • Expert Advice: Access to professional guidance from qualified healthcare practitioners ensures users are well-informed about their contraceptive choices.

How to Use the Service:

  • Book Online: Schedule a contraceptive consultation through the Zoie Health website. The booking process is simple, with consultations available for a nominal fee.
  • Virtual Consultation: Engage in a virtual consultation via Zoom, providing a convenient and private platform to discuss contraceptive options with a healthcare professional.
  • Telephonic Consultation: For those preferring or requiring it, consultations can also be conducted over the phone, with the number provided upon booking.
  • Scheduling Your Appointment: After booking, a Care Experience Coordinator from Zoie Health will reach out to arrange a suitable date and time for your appointment. It’s important to note that same-day consultations are not available, ensuring each session is prepared with the attention and care it deserves.
  • Receive Prescription and Delivery: Should a prescription be required, it’s issued during the consultation. Zoie Health then guarantees that the prescribed medication is delivered promptly and discreetly to your doorstep.

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