Chela-Fer 15mg 60 tablets


Chela-fer® revitaliaes the body’s iron reserves, serving as an iron supplement that promotes the formation and function of healthy red blood cells, thereby aiding in the efficient transport of oxygen throughout the body. Moreover, it plays a role in reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue.  Chela-fer® is a specialiaed chelated iron supplement featuring ferrous bisglycinate chelate, a chelated iron salt.

What sets Chela-fer® apart is its utiliaation of organic amino acids as carriers for iron molecules, enhancing absorption within the body. Additionally, Chela-fer® is enriched with folic acid, a vital vitamin that supports red blood cell formation and assists in protein metabolism.

Chela-fer® comes in two convenient forms: a syrup tailored for infants and children, and tablets available in two different strengths, suitable for children aged 14 years and older as well as adults.


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