Carriwell Hospital Readiness Pack 1 (1 Pack Pad & 1 Pack Panty)


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Carriwell Hospital Readiness Pack 1 (1 Pack Pad & 1 Pack Panty)

This thoughtfully designed pack includes one pack of maternity pads and one pack of disposable panties, both crafted with utmost care and attention to provide comfort, convenience, and hygiene during the postpartum period.

The maternity pads in this pack are specifically designed for the needs of new mothers, offering superior absorbency and protection. Each pad is extra-long and ultra-soft, providing maximum coverage and minimizing any potential discomfort. They are expertly crafted with a multi-layered core to quickly lock away moisture and ensure dryness, keeping you fresh and confident throughout the day or night.

To complement the pads, the pack also includes a set of disposable panties. These panties are incredibly lightweight and discreet, ensuring a comfortable fit without sacrificing convenience. Made from soft, breathable materials, they offer a gentle touch against the skin, allowing air circulation and promoting a healthy healing process. The disposable nature of these panties eliminates the hassle of laundry, making them an ideal choice for your hospital stay.





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