Carriwell Breast Soother


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Carriwell Breast Soother

Crafted with the utmost care, the Carriwell Breast Soother features a soft and flexible silicone gel pad that gently adheres to the breast. This unique gel pad is incredibly soothing, offering a cooling effect that helps to alleviate soreness, engorgement, and sensitivity associated with breastfeeding. Its contoured shape fits discreetly inside your bra, providing targeted relief right where you need it most.

Designed for convenience and versatility, the Carriwell Breast Soother can be used in multiple ways. For immediate relief, simply place the gel pad in the refrigerator or freezer to cool it down, allowing it to provide a refreshing sensation when applied to tender breasts. Alternatively, you can warm the pad by placing it in warm water to help stimulate milk flow and provide a comforting heat therapy. The breast soother can also be used during pregnancy to prepare the breasts for breastfeeding.





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